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The National Association of Former State Legislators (NAFSL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a membership comprised of former state legislators who are committed to the matters of balanced federalism, state sovereignty, and representative governance. The NAFSL represents the largest network of former state legislators in the country. 

Former state legislators still have influence and strong relationships with many who are currently serving and, because they are less anchored to political agendas, they can offer objective and meaningful peer mentorship and be a catalyst for empowering elected officials in their decision making on issues of governance.

Furthermore, equipped with institutional knowledge of the political process, well-versed in policy perspectives, and grounded in immediate constituent matters, former state legislators can be a valuable resource to elected representatives, especially in states with term limits.


In addition, with the strong community connections and relationships already established by former state legislators, there exists an accessible network of concerned citizens who can be engaged on their civic responsibilities and the importance of preserving the sovereignty of their state.


Financial support for NAFSL operating expenses is obtained through membership dues, fundraising events, donations (from corporations, partners, and individuals), and foundation grants.

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National Association of Former State Legislators